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We at Stanley Patrick Striping company are very proud of the strides that were made these past few years, towards becoming Western Washington's leader in parking lot improvements and maintenance. Providing an unparalleled quality of service and workmanship is what we have become known for.  This year 2009, SPS Company is celebrating our 13th anniversary. This is an accomplishment that would not be possible without you!

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Staff Photos

Even in the early years, our father, who was a long time leader in our profession, began to instill good work ethics into us. Ken Lundeen, Sr. began his career in the industry at age 15, where he continued to work until his passing in 1990. After many years of working with him, watching him run his company (Highway Markings, Inc.), and learning from him, we decided it was time to start our own company. We wanted to continue the long tradition in road and parking lot improvements that has existed in our family for over 40 years.

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We repair damaged asphalt and seal any cracks prior to seal coating a parking lot or driveway. On asphalt patches, the edges will be jack hammered or saw-cut out, and materials will be disposed of properly. The base material will remain in place and will be re-compacted. After compaction and prior to the placing of Asphalt, the vertical edges of the existing pavement will receive a tack coat of Liquid Asphalt Binder. New asphalt is put into place at the proper depth, and compacted. The finished edges will be coated with Liquid Asphalt and sanded (unless the area is to be Seal coated).

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Extruded Curbs

Parking Lot Extruded Curbs

We install concrete and/or asphalt extruded curb.

We can also paint the curbs to fit the design of the parking lot and adhere to your local fire codes.

If you have existing curb that is damaged, we can remove and dispose of the damaged curbing and replace it with new concrete and/or asphalt curb.

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Road Channelization

Highway and Road Channelization

Whether it is refreshing an existing street or road, or applying a new layout, we can install any pavement markings required on a roadway. We have worked with many cities and counties to install the proper lane markings to meet their specification, including: paint line, raised pavement markers (buttons/turtles), traffic signage, plastic markings for crosswalks and stop bars (thermoplastic or dura-stripe/MMA), and traffic curbing or curb islands. We can also remove conflicting pavement markings from an existing roadway.

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Road Channelization II

Parking Lot and Road Signage

Our equipment and employees have the ability to stripe and seal coat roads and driveways.  We provide not only an aesthetically pleasing and safe place to park your car, but drive it as well.

We install a very large variety of traffic and parking lot signs, as well as many different post types. We also install steel bollards and bollard covers, if needed on your project. Any type of custom signage is also available, just call us and ask about any of your signage needs.

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Sports Coatings and Athletic Courts

Sports Coatings and Athletic Courts

This includes, but is not limited to, the following:

  • Basketball Courts
  • Tennis & Pickleball Courts
  • Hop-Scotch, 4-Square, Teatherball
  • US Maps, World Maps
  • Custom designs such as tricycle/bike courses and running tracks

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Parking Lot Striping

Your layout and painted traffic lines will be straight, true and consistent. All of our lines are painted by a trained professional, which shows the value that we place in excellence. SPS uses airless striping equipment and clean cut plastic and/or wood stencils for lettering.  A bright, evenly painted stencil or symbol is the end result.

Striping or Re-striping a parking lot is a low cost, excellent way to improve the appearance of a parking lot or roadway.  Pavement markings also help to safely designate pedestrian walkways, handicapped parking and fire lanes.

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Seal Coat

We use only the best asphalt-based seal coat on the market. 

Our asphalt-based emulsion seal coat product is designed for maximum wear and a beautiful black finish. We apply our product only when weather permits, beginning with a thorough cleaning process. We also use a special sealant on oil spots in asphalt, to allow the seal coat to adhere properly to those areas.

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Fun off the job!

SPS Crews enjoying themselves off the job!!

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Summer 2011

The Summer of 2011 was a busy one! SPS crews were all over Western Washington, Eastern Washington & Oregon. Take a look at what we've been up to!
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Our Parking Lot Services:

- Parking Lot Striping

- Seal Coating

- Extruded Curbs

- Road Channelization

- Road Signage

- Sports Coating and Athletic Courts

Client Testimonials

"The finished work looks the best it ever has. We have had people coming in left and right telling us..."
- Wes Johnson, WA State Parks & Rec - Grayland Beach State Park
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